FuslVZ FAQ and usage policy

Used terms in this FAQ

Requirements for requesting a FuslVZ container

Things which are forbidden to do/host/run on FuslVZ containers

Forwarded abuse messages have to be strictly followed. Violating any of these rules will result in suspension or termination of your container and will get your freenode user banned permanently from using FuslVZ containers.

SLA, uptime, service info and support

Permanently begging owners, staffers or supporters for help or even highlighting them without reason will result in suspension or even instant termination of your service without warning.

Requesting a FuslVZ container

Available FuslVZ pods and default resource plans:

To request a FuslVZ container, please tell us the following details into the main channel (please don't include your email address, an owner or staffer will ask you for your mail address as soon as we approve your request).

Some notes before you go ahead and request a container:

Bring your own IPv4 and/or IPv6 prefixes!

We offer BGP sessions along with your containers at no extra fee. Interested? Contact the admin team on the main channel to get you set up!
Checklist for getting started:
If you have an active AS number:

If you only have one or more IPv4/IPv6 prefixes: Note: If you have no AS number, we'll strip out your (private, auto-generated) AS number on your BGP session so that prefixes announcements will appear as originating from our AS (204136).
Fairnode offers provider-independent RIPE AS number registrations at a one-time fee.
IPv6 prefixes of size /40 can be requested from ip6.im.

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